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Our "By Referral Only" Commitment
Our Philosophy and Commitment to You
We are setting ourselves and remaining committed to provide to our clients a world-class level of event planning & management service that is above and beyond expectation. In turn, we offer the same commitment to your friends, family and colleagues who you are willing to refer to us at anytime.

By choosing to select work "By Referral Only," instead of spending the bulk of our time repeatedly looking for business from the general public, we can remain focused on providing you with the special level of care and consideration that you deserve. It’s a great way to do business and you’ll appreciate the difference!

In order to benefit from this new philosophy and commitment, you must "Like" our One Accord Events FB Page. Our new "Celebrate Life" Initiative will be our primary objective and give you our Corporate Benefits of our 1st Class service because we want those connected to us to Prosper. So we thank you in advance for the "Like" status and welcome you to another level of service. Let's go!
The Celebrate LIFE Initiative
One thing that we have realized is that people tend to celebrate their loved one's LIFE at their end (in funerals or homegoing services).  For our 1st Year Anniversary, we at One Accord Events, LLC are on a mission to assist people in the celebration of those they love and cherish NOW, while they are still on this earth.  

LIFE is a HUGE privilege and honor that GOD gave us to enjoy and fulfill purpose. Therefore, we offer a series of celebrations that communicate the message that "I LOVE & SUPPORT YOU" from our Clients to their Loved ones.  

So Celebrate the people in your life; friends, family and others you may cherish! They all deserve to know their value in your life. That's the whole point in keeping in touch with one another. Without touch we would die!​ Don't wait until someone's in a coffin to tell them you love them and appreciate them for what they've done for you in the land of the living!

CLICK one of our Services on the right side of this page and decide which Celebration you'd like for us to plan and coordinate for your loved ones!