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“We Celebrate LIFE” On-Site Trainings 
Allow our trainers to share the importance of balancing their life priorities with their career goals. Enhancing their time management, romance management and communication will add value to their lives outside of the office and consequently create a more productive and fulfilled employee within the office. (Executive Staff – Regular Employees)
Allow our trainers to use a change of scenery to aide in the mental release of the day-to-day pressures. Offering the Leadership Team-Building, Customer Service Empowerment and the perk of a constructive Problem Solving Huddle can and will enlighten your employee’s minds and increase their productivity and focus within the office upon return.​
"We Celebrate LIFE" Off-Sites
Our Corporate Gatherings
The Work-Life Balance has been in need for training since the beginning of time. At the end of the day, it seems like the burden of one’s job takes away from one’s personal life far too much. The lack of this balance tends to create burdens within marriages, child development issues, and conflicts with outside relationships. These are resulting factors simply because of the many career goals, project deadlines, and push to be the best that a typical job demands isn’t balanced with personal priorities. This doesn’t have to be the case anymore. One Accord Events, LLC has designed a few opportunities for you to boost the morale of your employees through on-site trainings and off-site refreshments. 
“We Celebrate LIFE” Weekend Getaway
Give your top performers an opportunity to enjoy a weekend away on a luxurious Yacht by day and a luxurious resort by night within the Sunny Florida waters of Fort Lauderdale or Miami, FL. We have designed a 3 day, 2 night stay for 6-12 employees (double occupancy) to enjoy themselves while being fed with Team-Building exercises and Problem Solving tactics that they will remember for a lifetime. They will be happy to return to the office with a smile, instead of a frown!